benefits of our program

  • Gentle effective help that really works
  • No controlled crying or cry-it-out techniques
  • Support, advice and information
  • Helps you tap into your own intuition
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all your faqs are answered here

What if my baby poos while settling?

If your baby is awake and upset, then I would get them up and change them as quickly as you can. I would keep the room as dark and quiet as you can and then pop your baby back in their cot and continue patting.

If they pooh after they have gone to sleep then I would leave it. If they pooh in the early hours of the morning, say around 5am, I would tend to leave it till they get up unless they have poohed through their sleepwear.

How do I know when to stop patting?

Once your baby has calmed then you can slow the patting right down. If the baby remains calm then I would change the patting to more of a tap and do this for a minute or so. Then I would rub your baby’s back for another minute and if they remain calm or asleep then I would stop and leave the room.

How hard is the program?

Not as hard as not sleeping! The program will require you to do some work and to be consistent with applying our advice and techniques. To get the most out of the program, we recommend that you put aside some time to focus on improving your baby’s sleep. To some extent, you will get out of this program what you put into it.

BUT it is not intended to be difficult and parents will be able to use the techniques and follow the program without having to put everything else on hold. It is designed to be responsive to the everyday life of parents and to help you – thousands of parents have used BabyBliss techniques successfully.

Do you guarantee this program?

Yes. If you have followed our advice consistently and kept records of your baby’s sleep using the spreadsheet we sent you, but at the end of the program you haven’t had any improvement, we’ll give you your money back.

How much does the program cost?

The program costs $24.99 per week for four weeks.

I sleep in the same room as my baby – will this program work for me?

Yes. This program can work for you although you may want to think about moving your baby into their own room if this is an option and your baby is over six months of age.

Is this program covered by Medicare or health insurance?

Not yet. But we’re working on it!

I’d like to talk to a real person about this program

No worries! Contact us on 1300 166 940 in Australia, or via our contact form.

What age is this program suitable for?

We recommend BabyBlissNights for healthy babies aged 6 months to two years who have started eating solids. If your baby is not yet six months or over two years, there are still a range of ways we can help. Have a look at the BabyBliss website which provides personalised advice for parents.

What makes this program any different from all the advice I’ve already tried?

Our approach has always been based in science. As a Registered Nurse for nearly 20 years, and with a Masters of Public Health, and now her Advanced Training in Infant Mental Health, Jo Ryan’s BabyBliss techniques and philosophy come from her knowledge of what babies’ needs are, the way they develop, how they learn and how they respond to the world around them. Alongside our passion for understanding the science of babies’ sleep, we believe that parents know what’s best for their children. We are here to help you understand and tap into your instinct and, knowing what babies need, you can become a confident and comfortable parent.

BabyBliss has:

  • Consulted with more than 4,000 parents over the last ten years.
  • Sold more than 8,500 books.
  • Had more than 10,000 routines downloaded from our website.
I can’t follow a clock-watching routine – is this the right program for me?

Babies benefit from routines and rituals and having some sort of rhythm to your day really helps. However, our program is not designed around watching the clock and does give you some flexibility. In the early days though, we recommend that you set aside some time to do the program and don’t schedule too much so that you can focus on improving your baby’s sleep.

I’ve tried everything – will this program really make a difference?

We honestly believe it will.

But it will take some work on your part to be absolutely consistent and stick to the techniques that we recommend.

If you think you can follow our advice, we highly recommend this program for you.

How long does the program take?

The program takes four weeks but there should be improvements within two weeks and hopefully, even sooner than that.

Does the program involve controlled crying or cry it out techniques?

No. BabyBliss does not use Controlled Crying or Cry-It-Out methods because we believe it is important for children to feel supported and safe when learning to put themselves to sleep – a skill they will have for their whole life.

We use gentle techniques that are designed to fit with your lifestyle and allow you to balance your needs and your baby’s.

Will this program work for me?

This program is recommended for babies who are:

  • over six months
  • on solids at least twice a day
  • healthy: if you have any concerns about your baby’s health, please talk to your doctor before starting.

If you’re in that situation, then this program is for you.

How does the program work?

BabyBlissNights is a four week membership program aimed at getting your family sleeping better. With step-by-step instructions, Jo Ryan, the founder of BabyBliss and author of best seller, BabyBliss, will guide you on your baby’s sleep habits and how to improve them.

Each week, you will get emails, videos, and detailed advice on how to get your baby sleeping more easily and for longer. You will have access to our exclusive BabyBliss Nights FaceBook community and weekly webinars with BabyBliss founder, Jo Ryan, so you can ask questions and get the advice you need. This material is only available when you sign up to BabyBliss Nights and is designed to get the whole family sleeping better.

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