what our happy families are saying about our programs

  • Jo - she was so gentle, kind, warm and loving with both Tavi and us. But the best part was that she got the baby to sleep through!!! Ongoing support. Giving us a routine to follow and very clever adjustments to what we were doing.

  • If you baby isn't sleeping then you MUST get them. We've had great success and it really has been worth it and it certainly took the pressure of us as parents and to have the guidance and support which I'm so glad we had.

  • The results: we went from having a terrible night every night to having an exceptional little sleeper - just life changing.

  • For me it was the feeling that I was being understood, and I absolutely love the gentle method. Another thing was the phone being answered immediately, and I felt throughout the process that I had support.

  • The best thing was the direct, honest advice. And having an objective person with experience to tap into.

  • Definitely use the service. It works. It's a calm and caring method to settling baby. We were very against a strict controlled crying method, so this suited us well.

  • It's not just for first time mums! Experienced (or rather inexperienced 3rd time mums) can learn from it too, as the more kids you have the parenting methods can/need to change and to get some new tips for juggling bedtimes and sleeping.

  • You never know until you try something new whether it will work or not. It's about trusting yourself and in others who have the experience to guide you through it.

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